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An opportunity for those who plan and provide services for older adults in SE Ontario to receive the findings of our Lived Experience Network face to face, and through phone / online conversations.
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Evening South Eastern Ontario Chats will take place every first Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8PM.
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Welcome to the Lived Experience Cafe ChatOne of the most exciting features of the Lived Experience Cafe is the opportunity for us to have Live (typed) Chat Events. The Lived Experience Cafe has monthly live chats for participants from SE Ontario. See below for times and topics.

HOW DO I JOIN A CHAT?  First join our community by clicking the "SIGN UP" tab. Fill in your information. Whatever username you choose will be what is displayed in the chat room. Feel free to use your real name or a nick name - whatever makes you comfortable. You will only need to sign in once. After that, To join in the conversation, just before the chat time go to, click on the tab that says "CHAT" and then on the link that says LOGIN HERE AT TIME OF SESSION. You will be asked your username and password again (so be sure to write it down) This will take you right to the chat room. 

SIGNUP TODAY to get your login account. (You only have to do this once, after that to join just click the login here link).

LOGIN HERE at the time of the session.

 If you have any problems logging on or posting a message, please email

I have made every effort to keep this as simple and user friendly as possible. You may use your real name or a nick name if you prefer to be anonymous. I hope you’ll join in. We also invite you to leave your comments on our discussion boards at Findings of these chats will not be archived, but summarized and shared as appropriate, without using names or locations to protect the privacy of the participants.


LOGIN HERE at the time of the session.

TOPIC:  SE Ontario Live (Typed) Chat TBA

Our topic this month will be:


Come and join the conversation, we appreciate your insights!

LOGIN HERE at the time of the session.

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