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Topic: Long Term Care
2014-02-10 00:00:00
Anonymous Posts: 3
Share your advice and observations about the care and
support received in long term care homes.

2014-02-10 00:00:00
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
My mom has been in a long term care home for a little over two years. I have found there are some things that are essential to good long term care. I am fortunate because these happen where mom lives.
1. Consistent Staffing. Mom sees the same people all the time. This stability makes her calm and happy.
2. Staff who have the time and take the time to get to know Mom's signals for when she is feeling stressed or anxious, her triggers and what makes her happy.

2014-03-03 16:10:42
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
Thanks for sharing your experiences :)

2014-03-07 19:25:43
MissingMom Posts: 11
Joined: 2014-03-09
I also find that here too, there is a lack of compassion. Yes there are a lot of excellent staff members at Moms facility & I am very grateful that they are there, but there are also a lot who are very obviously only there to work & can't wait to go home.

And this shows in how they treat & behave around the residents. I have seen them snap at, ignore and quickly dismiss them as though they were nothing but a nuisance to them. It makes you wonder that if they hate their line of work that much, why are they there?

Someone once said to me, until they have someone close to them afflicted with the disease, they will never completely understand what it is really all about. So far, that appears to be true, but that needs to change. There needs to be more in depth education with respect to dementia.

Our loved ones with dementia need people to listen to them, take care of them & treat them with the dignity that they deserve.

2014-03-23 14:53:45
MissingMom Posts: 11
Joined: 2014-03-09
UTI's are also an ongoing problem & it has always been a battle to get them to get a sample & get it in. It is very easy to tell with Mom that she has a UTI because she gets cranky & harder to manage. Normally she is very pleasant & easy going. Yet I have to keep requesting a sample be obtained & sent in. Sometimes it takes several requests.

This shouldn't be ignored. They should know by now what symptoms display if a UTI is present with a resident & should be on top of it without the family caregiver having to consistently ask to have it done. It worries me about what is happening with residents who don't have someone to keep on top of this for them?

More frequent trips to the bathroom & more underwear changes need to be done as well. On several occasions I have walked in & found Mom absolutey soaked & sometimes soiled & worry about how long she may have been sitting there like that. Mom is unable to go to the bathroom on her own & they know it. Nor does she have the mindset to press the bell if she needs to go. So I can only conclude that this is a lot of the reason for multiple UTI's. But complaining doesn't seem to change anything.

2014-03-23 15:11:46
Dawng Posts: 4
Joined: 2014-04-17
I had a similar experience (reluctance to treat a UTI) when Mom was living in a senior's residence and seeing her primary care dr .... when Mom would get 'loopy' that was always a clear sign. The first few times the dr prescribed meds which sorted things out fast, but subsequent infections he informed me that he wouldn't be treating any longer, and sent us on our way to deal with it on our own (Mom with the symptoms and caregivers with the (more) irrational behaviour. Thanks a lot, Doc! ) Luckily the LTC home Mom is now living in has not adopted that policy ... they treat her as required.

2014-04-17 10:01:15
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
I have experienced this a bit with my Mom too - there is a fear of over treating UTI's - but from my perspective, if you have an infection that is making you paranoid, angry and trying to run away, I would think responding to the behaviours would take a bigger priority.
Thanks for sharing!

2014-04-21 11:49:05
Dawng Posts: 4
Joined: 2014-04-17
My mother was very paranoid about being alone (not just with dementia, her whole life). When her "time" came to go to LTC, we told Mom that we had found a place that would be able to provide her more care as she needed it .... and that there were staff working 24/7 so she wouldn't be alone and nervous. Miraculously, she agreed to it that day! Of course, the next day, she wasn't so agreeable. I have had to keep repeating the words my mother had told me years ago ..... that when her health started to fail and she could no longer be alone, that I had her full blessing to "put her in a home" when the time came. Do what i need to do. She said it wasn't fair to expect family to take on that burden. I'm grateful she was so wise to tell me that.

2014-11-24 11:44:04