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Topic: I told you Already!!
2014-03-26 14:24:50
Db's Posts: 9
Joined: 2014-03-23
Is there a favorite sentence or word that comes to mind that really upsets you when you hear it being repeated to your family member living with Alzheimers/Dementia? I would love to see a pamphlet or a book handed out to every family member who visits and available to every care center and their staff. Wouldnt it be awesome if a small change in a sentence could help educate.

2014-03-26 14:24:50
Db's Posts: 9
Joined: 2014-03-23
Do you remember .............:(

2014-03-26 14:41:09
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
My least favourite: She seemed fine to me...much better than you described her...after popping in for a short visit on one of her good days. ...grr...

2014-04-02 22:42:41