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Topic: Too Many Assessments!
2014-05-25 18:57:19
bluebird Posts: 6
Joined: 2014-03-04
As my husband's Alzheimers has advanced I have tried to avail myself of more services, only to encounter a number of challenges along the way, not the least of which has been lengthy waiting lists. I have the feeling that the system is both understaffed and underfunded. There have been times when I have come so close to hitting a wall that I have wondered if there would be not just one, but two clients needing to be looked after. I'm a strong person – and I often feel fragile in this heartbreaking journey. Among the many things needing to be addressed, there is the grueling “ritual” of assessment. It seems that every new face, be it a person or an organization, that I appeal to for help has to put me through a form of questioning. Why is this necessary in our high-tech age, especially when we are dealing with services which supposedly support the same issues and operate under the same umbrella? It's already difficult, even horrifying, to make some of the decisions we caregivers are forced to make if we are to survive at all. Why is it necessary, for example, when taking a spouse to a facility for short-term respite, to be subjected to a two-hour intake (that's no exaggeration), wondering the whole time if he is going to get up and announce that he's outta here, possibly embellished with an angry stream of expletives. Time and again I have felt as if I've been to a funeral (never with closure), and instead of receiving sympathy I'm made to run the gauntlet. In all fairness, it is sometimes gentle, but not always. I'd like to suggest that all this necessary information be fed into a central computer, that information be gathered in advance of a temporary placement, just to ease an already less-than-happy experience.

I know changes happen slowly, and I have no illusions that my thoughts will bring results that will benefit me, but it is my fervent hope that others in the future will find the process of accessing help to be a kinder, gentler, easier one.
(A past post from the Respite Discussion Thread)

2014-05-25 18:57:19


Posts: 6
Joined: 2014-03-19
I too have found running the "gauntlet" of services is intimidating, and I have a medical background. Each service has to do their own assessment. Then each service has specific thing they can and can not do. There is a definite lack of coordination between the services. There was a study done in the States and they found that coordination within the different services definitely provided a far superior service to the caregivers and relieved a lot of their stress. I'm tired of doing assessments and answering the same question repeatedly to different groups!!! I'm tired of trying to figure out whom to call for what service or help. (Also posted in Respite Discussion Thread

2014-05-25 19:00:47
barb Posts: 3
Joined: 2014-03-19
There should be no need for a two hour assessment upon admission for respite. All of the information should have been shared prior to arrival.
We were over two hours in assessment as well. (Comment also posted under Respite Discussion Thread)

2014-05-25 19:06:16
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
CVH, your comments definitely are lining up with my conversations across the South East. Short Term respite has been the number one issue that came up - as well as long waiting lists for day programs and support to keep people home longer. The second biggest concern, besides navigation (not knowing where to find services) is the sense that people feel they are picked up and dropped and have to start from scratch every time they need a service. People are wanting better sharing between medical agencies and really - they want someone who will "manage" their whole care - not just this piece and that. Thanks for sharing your experiences. (Also posted under Respite Discussion thread)

2014-05-25 19:08:21