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Topic: Using Technology for Residents in LTC
2014-05-25 19:15:15
Db's Posts: 9
Joined: 2014-03-23
Yes I would love to see the facilities upgraded and get with the times. I know as I age, and growing up with computers, I would love to be able to continue on with that. My mom loves Skype, but there is no wireless access in our Home at this time. We hire KDHS(amazing group from Kingston and Area ) to come in with their data plan and Ipad Mini. One day my mom was given my sisters cell phone to use, and she was trying to show me her Butter tart, so I know she associates me with Skype and loves it. I would love to see computer classes set up also.(Also posted in Caregiver to Caregiver Discussion Thread)

2014-05-25 19:15:15
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
Db's, I LOVE the suggestions about technology. What a fantastic idea to have Skype times made available to residents and WIFI - even if it was just for certain times like an activity. With people not being able to leave, how amazing for them to be able to see their grandchildren and children online. What a great way of keeping them from slipping away from people who love them before they need to. PS. I laughed at your butter tart story. Thanks for sharing.(Also posted in Caregiver to Caregiver Discussion Thread)

2014-05-25 19:19:04