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Topic: The real life costs of the
2015-12-04 00:00:00
Anonymous Posts: 3
This post was shared by one of our lived experience cafe members , EJB:

There is a real gap when someone is completely not safe and it is evident that they're not safe, the family is left holding the bag, at what cost?

They said if we'd left him in his apartment building and he burnt the building down you would have gotten action but we couldn't morally do that. In essence the first CCAC worker penalized us for taking him into our home.

We had $25,000 damage to our home and we didn't anticipate that kind of cause and effect. When he's in a structured environment he is easily re-directed but he needs 24 hr supervision - which we just couldn't provide. Even when we were asleep, we'd hear him crashing around in his room, breaking things and taking apart window blinds. We weren't in a position to confine him."

2015-12-04 00:00:00
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
I am really grateful that you were willing to share your experiences, EJB! I believe it is the power of our collective stories that will bring change. There is a real life cost to people and families when there are gaps waiting for care. Thanks for telling your story with us!

2015-12-04 12:31:08