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Topic: November Live Chat Topic
2016-10-31 13:51:15
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
If you are unable to attend the Lived Experience Cafe "Live (typed) Chat event this Tuesday, November 2nd from 6:30-8PM - please share your thoughts here.


Novembers Live Chat question comes from Dr. Julia Kirkham, Queens University, Providence Care Mental Health Services. Dr. Kirkham would like to ask those with lived experience two questions that have been coming up in her work recently:

1. When it comes to admissions to Long Term Care, in your opinion: Should people be bumped from the crisis list when they go to the Emergency Room? If not, how should it work if people are waiting for Long Term Care in hospital?

2. More often people (especially with behavioural symptoms) are being refused admission to Long Term Care? Should this be allowed? (and my question): If yes What would a better solution be community, living situation, etc. ?

2016-10-31 13:51:15
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
This reply was a comment received by phone by the care partner of a person living in Long Term Care, who experiences responsive behaviours.
Her thoughts are:
"My husband needs a permanent place with coffee shops, games and activities that are geared to his level where the staff are trained and the environment is designed for people like him. I understand there is a place like this in Edmonton that has supportive help and different transitional floors based on the residents need. It can be very frightening and dangerous to the other residents and staff when he gets frustrated and acts out . Its not the right place for him, but there needs to be somewhere that is - like Providence Care but a permanent home."

2016-10-31 14:28:35
Jenn Posts: 2
Joined: 2017-05-02
Yes there needs to be a "dementia village" where we can be that are dementia friendly

And please we must all remember that all peoples can have behaviorial issues not just those with dementia this needs to be addressed through education and mutal love and respect for each other

Staffing can assist with behavior rather than isolating someone because of certain occassional
Acceptance and participation is necessary and important for all of us human beings we are social animals
Isolating someone I think breeds bad behaviours
Find out why the the bad behaviour is there and show caring you find solution

2017-05-02 19:45:50
Sharon Osvald Posts: 120
Joined: 0000-00-00
Sorry for the late response.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, particularly your views on not isolating people but working alongside them. This certainly comes with it's challenges - but also its rewards.

Thank you for sharing!

2017-06-08 22:20:49