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An opportunity for those who plan and provide services for older adults in SE Ontario to receive the findings of our Lived Experience Network face to face, and through phone / online conversations.
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February 2017

December 2016- January 2017 Resource Exchange Summaries


December/January Lived Experience

Findings- Resource Exchange

If you haven't already checked, please note that the summaries of all conversations with the SE Ontario Lived Experience Network for December 2016 and January 2017 are now posted on: 


This Lived Experience Resource Exchange for December 2016 – January 2017 is a summary of face to face conversations, two SE Ontario live (typed) chat conversations and one provincial live (typed) chat event. These conversations involved input from 36 older adults from across all of South Eastern Ontario. Thirty-four people were spouses, adult children, family or friends and two people were older adults living with a dementia, mental health or other neurological disorders. 

Find out what matters to people who matter! 


AN Invitation to SE Ontario health care planners and providers:

Being part of The Lived Experience Resource Exchange simply means that you are willing to receive and read bi-monthly emails from Sharon Osvald, directing you to our "Resource Exchange" Findings Page - which includes a summary of the themes from conversations that took place with participants of the SE Ontario Lived Experience Network. Information will be as general as possible and no names will be shared of either lived experience persons, organizations or staff members.

What is your role?

Our request: If you read something that you feel pertains to your organization or service that you will share that information as you feel is appropriate. We also invite you to share specific questions you may have for our network to discuss at our live chat events.

It is our hope that this information will be useful to you as you plan, provide and evaluate services.The goal of the Lived Experience is: Exchanging Knowledge, Partnering (with you) for Change! The Live Experience Network is not a complaints department, rather a resource with real people who want to share their experiences - both good and bad - so we know what is needed.
Thank you for your partnership,

Sharon Osvald
Lived Experience Network Coordinator
Behavioural Support Services, Providence Care Seniors Mental Health in partnership with the Alzheimer Societies of S.E. Ontario




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