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November Communications

Hello Lived Experience Network Members,

The topic and date for our next Lived Experience Café chat: THIS Tuesday, November 3rd from 6:30-8PM. Our November noon hour chat will be the third Monday of the month on November 16th.

TOPIC: There has been a lot of conversations, workshops and webinars in the health community (the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health and others) surrounding the topic of “What makes a Dementia Friendly Community?” Based on your lived experiences, what do you think would make life more dementia friendly for you and the person you care for? I encourage you to get creative and think outside the box on this one. I believe we will have a very interesting conversation.

I am aware many of you are unable to always participate on the chats- I do appreciate and pass on the emails and discussion board comments you share as well. Keep them coming! I’ve also enjoyed seeing many of you in Alzheimer Society Advisory meetings recently.

Finally, this week seven of us from the online chat group were able to meet for a face to face “Meet You in the Middle” Lunch at Kingston. At this time I mentioned a song my son had shared with me. It was written by his favourite band. Their lead singer’s mother has developed Lewy Body dementia and the song is a beautiful tribute from a son to his mother. It perfectly describes some of the loss, love and guilt we experience caring for someone with this disease. I promised to email the link…here it is:

I hope to “see” lots of you online next week.

~ Sharon Osvald, Lived Experience Network Coordinator

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