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April 2017 Lived Experience News


 If this is your first connection with us, welcome you to the SE Ontario Lived Experience Network. Thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts and observations about your experiences with the health care system.

I would like to make you aware of three things: 1. What’s happening Online 2. What’s happening with the Lived Experience Network (both here in the South East and Provincially) and 3. The location of upcoming face to face advisory/round table conversations.

  1. What’s Happening Online? Tuesday, April 4th is date of our next SE Ontario Live (typed) Chat Advisory Conversation - coming up next week from 6:30-8PM at . Interesting point, this is also National Family Caregiver Day so Congratulations to you! We will be discussing the use of technology in caregiving.  If you cannot attend or are not comfortable with communicating this way, you can still participate in this conversation by emailing me your answers to our live chat topic question.

Looking forward to your feedback. If this is the first time you’ve spoke with me (outside a face to face meeting) and/or you have never participated in a live (typed) chat before, visit for instructions. Remember when you join the site if you would like to maintain your privacy, use a nickname as your username. The username you choose will be displayed to the other online/chat participants. “See” you online. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want some help getting logged on.

  1. What’s Happening with the Lived Experience Network?

Here in the South East, our advisory community continues to grow. In the past few months I have visited both Alzheimer Society Support Groups, community groups and Long Term Care Home Family Councils for face to face advisory conversations in Trenton, Brighton, Kingston, Belleville and West Lake, Ontario. As you provide your input and observations, I am sharing it in a bi-monthly report called The Resource Exchange (that you can find on the website). I also participate in several regional committees, short term project teams as they come up, and am part of three Long Term Care home Behavioural Support Collaboratives (covering the entire South East region), where I am sharing your observations and suggestions for change based on what is important to you. Finally, please see the attached revised handout explaining the goals of the Lived Experience Network. Please share it widely!

Provincially, the Lived Experience Advisory is also doing exciting work. My hours have increased from working one day a week to two days a week and you will also see my job title has changed to Lived Experience Facilitator to reflect these changes. We were able to add our voice to plans for the developing  Provincial Dementia Strategy and I participated as part of the Dementia Capacity Planning Clinical Advisory. Finally, last week four lived experience advisors and myself were able to take the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care Trainer course and look forward to supporting work that provides much needed education and hands on skills to family/care partners.

  1. Where Will I Be Meeting In Person?

Thursday, April 20th – Tweed at Moira Place at 10AM

Thursday, April 20th – Deseronto at the Wellness Centre at 2:00PM

Friday, May 12th – Napanee at the Lennox & Addington Seniors Outreach Services at 10AM

If you’d like me to come and meet with your group or have any questions about these dates, please send me an email. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

With thanks,

Sharon Osvald
Lived Experience Facilitator (South East & Behavioural Supports Ontario)

Providence Care Seniors Mental Health and Behavioural Support Services
in partnership with the Alzheimer Societies of S.E. Ontario &

BSO Provincial Coordinating Office in partnership with brainXchange

Home office: 613-475-9943

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